05 450 oil change

Doing the initial oil and filter change today, (36 miles and 3 rides) and I'm wondering if it is necessary to remove the tiny drain bolt next to the main drain bolt at the case on the very bottom of the motor. This 8mm bolt is very hard to access, I would think all the oil has been drained already, but I"ve yet to pull this bolt. It is the last one listed in the manual. I do have a small 8mm open end wrench that I can get in there, but it feels like I'll need an extension as it's too short of a wrench to break the bolt loose.

Take off the skid plate and get at it with the box end of the wrench. This plug is just a bit lower than the main drain plug, so a little more oil will come out if you've drained the main already. When doing a full oil and filter change, be sure to remove and clean the screen in the frame too.

Thanks. Yepp, last bit of oil came out.

When doing a full oil and filter change, be sure to remove and clean the screen in the frame too.

Actually, this is something of a point of controversy as the screen is difficult to remove and many have found that it results in stripping threads. Furthermore, I have yet to read a post where someone who has removed it for cleaning has found it to be dirty in the first place. Just something to think about...SC

I hear ya Steve.

There is no reason to remove the screen from the frame.

My mates got YZ450F's with my WR's and the first oil change one of the YZ's had a lot of metal shavings both in the filter and the screen.

If you love your bike you would clean it every time. It may save you a very expensive motor rebuild one day. It is not that hard to take the screen out once you have done it a few times.

I just did the first oil change on mine at 58 miles. The only problem I had was getting that flexible oil line off the nipple of the screen fitting. Man that thing was on there. Loosened the clamp all the way and pulled and pulled.....no way was it coming off so I unscrewed the whole screen and took it out in one piece. Then put the screen nut in my vise and was able to work it off with some sweat. Anyway, I thought the screen removal and cleaning was so simple, unscrew it, clean it and screw it back in. I don't see what the problem is at all. I didn't have a 19mm wrench but 3/4" is close enough.

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