Accelerator pump diaphragm

My AP diaphragm on my yz400 blew out and I need to buy a replacement one. I looked on the bike bandit website and found that they offer four or so different ones. One of the AP diaphragms is labeled as (STD) while the others are (AP). Does STD stand for STANDARD and is this the one I should buy?

Thanks for the help.

Yes, just get the STD one.

The optional ones listed may not even be available. I tried for almost a year to get some for my '00 in an effort to tune the AP but was never able to get one.

I think James Dean finally got his hands on some optional diaphragms but I can't recall what the difference was, I want to say the center button was of different lengths...

Hope this helps.

Thanks Hick. :)

You are correct. The difference is the nub on the fuel side. I can tell you from experience that you should stay with the std one. I had one with almost no nub and it bogged the bike really bad, to much fuel.

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