RTT Motorsports steering stabilizer

Hey All,

I just got my 650R back on the road. I installed CRF450R forks on it and a new RTT Motorsports steering stabilizer. I am very impressed by the stabilizer. I had the forks on the bike before the install of the stabilizer. The stabilizer made a world of difference for my daulsport riding. Usually at about 75-80 miles an hour and over I would get a slight head shake. After the install I don't any shake at all except for my belly. I have pictures at my Yahoo site if you want to look.


I changed the fork oil and seals. I put in 10 weight oil hoping that this would offset the extra weight of the pig. It seems to help out. I need to take it jumping to see for sure. Well if you are on the fence for the stabilizer or the forks, I recommend both. Happy riding, Tony

nice :)

dont set the dial to max; i had seals blow twice---really sweet before i broke it


Because I had the custom setup with the Crf forks and the Xr 650R frame, I had to buy it direct from RTT. They set me up with the parts to get it to work. I tryed to call Gpr and they said at least two months before I could get one custom made for me. If you have a stock bike you could go through Thumpertalk and buy it from them. I wish I could have but I am still satisfied. I took it for a ride today on some rocky back roads. It handled like a charm. I am glad I spent the money. After last night driving home at 80 with no head shake I was even happier. Any more questions just ask. Tony

Tony, Nice pics of your bike, Looks sweet... :):)

Very Nice :)

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