2004 YZ450F gearing and slip-on

I have an 04 450F, I do mostly open desert and baja riding, changed the front sprocket one up to help me out on the top end. The change helped out a little, I can still pick-up the front end and ride a descent wheelie. My question is if I re-gear the back sprocket will I need a new chain and will I lose the wheelie ability on 4th? Also any slip-on exhaust advice would be appreciated, heard the Yoshi is a good bet. :)

I run one tooth lower than you (15/49) everywhere. I like the way it works. Haven't tried it higher, so I don't know.

The FMF Ti4 and Factory 4 systems with the Power Bomb work very well (pricey, though). They add about one hp on the peak, but that's not the whole story. They add power across the whole rev range better than most others, and the Power Bomb gets rid of the little sag/hit thing the stocker has at around 8000. The result is a big, wide, linear power curve.

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