4 stroke starting !!!

I thought that I would share this story with all of you, particularly those that have made the switch from 2 stroke to 4 stroke. My buddies and I were out riding yesterday and of course we decided to try each other's bikes out. We had gone in for an hour break so the bikes were cold by now. So my buddy who normally rides a 2 smoke hops on to my 4 stroke and starts kicking. He keeps kicking for 5 minutes and still hasn't lit the fire. So i've been riding my bike around the yard for a while and come in to see what's going on. He hops off and tells me he can't fire the "****in" thing. I hop on, make sure the gas is on and the choke on (sure enough it was, my friend isn't as retarded as he will seem from this story) and no joke, give it one kick and she fires right up. We all had a good laugh over that one. Not to mention the aforementioned buddy was redder than the plastics on his cr. The moral of the story is there is a way of starting these bikes and you will pick it up eventually. Practice is the key. So good luck.

Unless its smoking hot or has a mechanical issue I can start an RMZ250 with my hand.

Yeah..My son's '05 KXF250 is really easy to start hot or cold.

Cold it usually takes 1-2 tries before starting with the choke on.

Hot usually on the first kick as well, even when it has been over it starts right up.

The trick is NOT to give it gas when warm. I tell my son to put his hand on the perch so he doesn't give it gas like he did with his 2-stroke. Sometimes but not always, he may need the hot start if he stalls it while it is hot. It just depends.

BTW...this bike has about 25 hours on the motor and has never seen the rev-limiter. :)

Took my first ride(s) on my new RMZ this weekend. Always first kick when cold..and everytime I dumped it in a sand berm, I'd pick it up and she'd fire right up, first 2 kicks. It ran awesome after break in. Great motor, but the suspension was waaaay too stiff for the track I was on, not to mention im only 145lbs, so i gotta get it worked on and set up right. I couldn't be happier with the decision I made to get it though.

The gas is the key, not giving throttle is what a 2 stroke rider can't understand with these bikes. It's like you have to ween them off it.

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