Cracked left side cover

While I was warming up the bikes for a ride yesterday, I was moving the Pig to the sidewalk. I had the side stand down, but something was amiss! When I let go of the bike, she did the slow motion fall! I turned and tried to catch her, but its hard to catch a falling 400 pund Pig, she hit the ground on the left side, and cracked the case cover.

Besides a broken cover from the shifter, is there anything else I could have messed up? The pig is bleeding now, and the shop said a new cover is $120.

I hope that is all it is. Any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated!

Paul :):):D

The left crankcase cover is $45.96 + shipping from Service Honda You may as well order a new gasket while you're at it. There should be no more than a teaspoon of oil in the left crankcase, which is normally dry. Chances are that the only thing broken is the sidecase, but without seeing the bike, I can't tell you if anything else is damaged. Make sure the stator still looks perfect in addition to the flywheel & magnetic pickup.

Thanks for the price check. I will check it out and do it myself! Thnkas again!

Replacing the cover is a piece of cake. Once the bolts are out, the cover might feel like its stuck on there when you're trying to pull it off, but it's just the magnetic field from the stator making it feel that way. I usually give the side cover a light tap with a rubber mallot to break any seal as I'm pulling it off. Either the cover or its mating surface will have some guide pins in it and they'll be obvious if you're looking for them, so don't loose them as you'll need them for the new cover.

I used J B Weld on mine and it worked great. Thought I was a the only one that done crap like that.

I used J B Weld on mine and it worked great. Thought I was a the only one that done crap like that.

JB Weld did cross my mind, as it would any proud red neck, but the bike is brand new and I do not want to start half assing it already.

Rest easy knowing that you are not the only one!

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