IMS tank sun damage??

anyone else having sun damage(discolored) to the IMS tank? does the Clarke tank do this as well?

CLarke does it as bad if not worse. Its not from the sun as I keep my bikes in the garage and it does it. Its from the gas/ gas vapor. I notice my bikes with race gas discolor less...not sure if that means anything though.

Are you guys talking about the natural color?

my red IMS tank has held its color OK, but its garaged when not ridden, and I hit it with a shot of lemon Pledge now and then .. pretty dull finish to begin with .. :)

My red clark tank still looks the same as when i got it.

yea i'm talking about the nat. color one. i have the clarke on my kx 250 and it hasen't turned color yet but it's kept inside but i have still seen some of them that have. i thought it was the sun but maybe it is the gas that's doing it. well it still looks like crap on my XR....... anyone know what to do?

I have a white IMS tank on my 94' XR650L. It has discolored over the years from the gas. It has a tan color to the lower 3/4 part of the tank. No cleaning I have ever tried works.


same here!

Yeah I've had the red IMS 3.2 on my bike for just over 2 years now and it's still in perfect shape color wise :)

my clarke is also doing the same and so did my ims, its a small price to pay to be able to see your fuel :)

The only way to keep it looking fresh is to drain your fuel after every ride. The fuel turns the natural tanks a dark brownish color. Happens to all tanks, just the neutral shows it the best. Steny :)

How well does the tank's Red color match the original Honda red on your XR? I have a 2003 XR400 and wanted to get a lrger tank. However, I want the new tank color to match the fenders well.


a buddy's old 600 has a plastic tank so old, its a deep brown ... he calls it "plastic rust" .... :applause:

I have a Clarke 4.3 and a IMS 3.2 both are natural and both look like chit :applause:

I have a clarke 4.0, red, and it matches my '05 xrl perfectly. It has a nice bright, smooth finish :applause:

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