WR 450 offroad gearing

Just wondering what sprockets (gearing) you would run for off road riding. My 03 WR450 has pressntly got a 50 rear and a 15 front but this seems too high. Can't decide what size to put on the front. I dont really want to change the rear as it is in good nick.

All my riding is off road and now I hardly ever even get into top cog.

With lower gearing does the bike become more of a handful?


1 tooth='s aprox 4 in the rear.

I agree /w/ ya, its a lil too tall for me, If I were you I'd only add 1-3 teeth on the rear.

Go with a 14 front. They are cheap and easy to fit, and you should be able to use the existing chain as-is. (Ideally you have as big a front AND rear sprocket as you can because they last longer that way, but this way is much cheaper and simpler.) Or you could go up to a 52 or 53 tooth rear if you can find one. Might be difficult and may require a new or lengthened chain...

15/50 gives a drive ratio of 3.33 (use rear/front teeth to work it out).

So 14/50 gives 3.57. Higher the number the lower the gearing.

15/53 gives 3.53

14/53 gives 3.79

With 14/50, you'll notice the difference but it should be easier in the tight stuff if anything :)

I got 14/50 standard but it came with a 15 in the spares pack.

Take that 15 sprocket and throw it away as far as you can! I tried the 15 and found it crap. I find the 14 is much more usable in all gears.

I am thinking of even going for a 13.

I have have just gone 14 / 53 from 14 / 50 standard and it's the spot on.I never used top and now i can lift the front in 4 th.It's a lot better on big hills as it's less likely to bog.

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