Main Jet/ Chain tensioner warning....

Thot I´d pass on a little tip here, I learned this the hard way. I have been doing allot of main jet swapping lately and to do that I just pull the chain tensioner off and roll the bottom of the carb out to the left side. Don´t make the same mistake I did, be sure to put the timing mark in TDC before you pull the tensioner, cuz if you don´t and a valve is partly compressed, the slack chain will allow the cam to roll and your chain will jump a tooth. I pulled mine off without setting it to TDC and I heard an evil click. I had to pull the valve cover to check and yeah, off one tooth. TDC everytime.


Why did you pull the chain tensioner to rotate the carb. :) Not necessary. :) Just remove the hot start and loosen the clamps it will turn plenty far enough to change jets or get to the needle.


Why do you even need to rotate the carb?

An open-end wrench makes quick work of the carb bowl plug, and you can get a 1/4" drive ratchet and 6mm socket in there.

Rockymountain has some cool 6mm hex tools that'll work just as well.

What others have said.. Mark, you're creating more work for yourself, no need to remove the cam chain tensioner to remove or work on the carb. Like Rich said, you can access the main without removing the carb, but even when pulling the carb out you still don't need to remove the cam chain tensioner..


Yah? Well, I cant roll it the other way, stuff in the way. I guess your right, I should be able to reach under there and do it without rolling it at all. Guess i´m going to find out. Thanx


I have heard rumors that you can use the new shorter cam chain tensioner from an 05 on my 99. Can anyone verify this?


The tip about NOT loosening the cam chain tensioner (for whatever reason) before setting the bike to TDC is a good one to know. A friend of mine ran into the skipped tooth problem as well. Thanks for sharing.

I cant roll it the other way, stuff in the way

The key, as already stated, is to first remove the hot start cable from the top of the carb.

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