Better Brakes XR650L ... and R

Just found this browsing the net, thought I would share it with other XR owners.

Havent seen many upgrades for the L.... so here goes ----->


sorry for the newbie question, but would my 650R HAVE to be a supermotard to use those? has an EBC oversized rotor kit (280mm) for only $135 ... they catalog a kit for the XR250R - XR400R - XR600R, and XR650R ..... anybody know if it may fit a XR650L ?? I have found several 600 parts to fit the 650L, not sure about brakes .. :)

I havent seen any for the L model, so thats why I posted this.

I have looked at that set up I think that it would be a lot for the dirt.


XR600 & XR650R rotors will not mount to a L.

yeah..I remember that wave rotor you had not fitting.

But they list one for a XR650L, its damn expensive and I wouldnt buy one..just posted for info or SuperMotard guys.

The XR650R front hub fits in an XR650L with the same spacing. This allows you to run all the XR650R brake kits on the L. I'm running the EBC 320mm kit on my XR-L with a XR-R hub now. The only caveat is that with 17" rims it is a very tight fit. FYI: The rear xr600 hub also fits in the XR-L rear end.

looks like a good deal

man you brought this post back from a long time ago. even I didnt recognize it and I started it Ha ha ha

no prob, i've been thinking of making additional mods to my bike, which explains the reading up on old topics, I hope someone tries this so we can get some feed back on the braking power.

One of the best improvements to stock brakes on an L, is to put a braided steel brake line on, IMO. The stock discs and pads are pretty decent, with this simple fix.

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