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Another quick clutch question?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever measured the amount of movement they have on the inner clutch basket.

I'm talking about when the clutch is fully locked up, to when the lever is to the bar.

I posted about a month ago about some issues I had with the clutch on my 01'WR. Since then I have tried all the clutch fixes in the FAQ (except the YZF springs). I have drilled the inner basket, added the washers, completely new fiber and metal clutch plates.

I have removed most of the drag. Now the trouble is the clutch engages right at the limit of my fingers (almost 2 1/2" from the bar) this makes for vary tiring clutching in the woods. I was thinking about trying different perch. MSR & Motion Pro have clutch perch has 3 positions to allow adjustment of the amount of cable movement.

Does anyone have any experience with using these?



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