YZ 426 - Stator Plate

I have a real problem with my YZ 426 (2002), I have been through a number of stator plates. Fit a new one, fire it up first time, easy as. Do a couple of laps, back to the van, leave it 1/2 hour, kit on ready to race. NO GO !! - The multimeter test reveals no joy from wires that come out of the stator plate. Please any help whatsoever is really welcomed.

What was the original reason for changing it in the first place? IS the fly wheel not rubbing on it somewhere? Are the coils breaking down?

The first one that was replaced was just worn, the coils just broke down, so can understand that, the othere when fitted work fantasticlly and upon inspection look fine, just no resistance when tested via multimeter, very very strange.

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