Who Still Races the 426 ?

I've just won my first race on a 426. (Two second place finishes ended up being a first!) Granted, I was in the novice class with 12 other guys, but I raced against a bunch of newer 450s. I'm also 160lbs tough too, so no extra weight there. The only place I've noticed the weight being an issue is through rhythm sections where it doesn't quite "pop" after preloading and slowing down for corners. I love the bike. :)

Im with you Traction.. I have been riding for 2 years, minus injuries i.e Torn MCL & PCL = No knee braces (out 6 months) and Separated shoulder and ribs along with a couple cracked, and bruised lunges (Out another 6 months) I have been riding my 426 for about 8-9 months. I started on a 97 CR250, did the knee thing, and then blew the engine up (Which Wiseco is replacing with a new 2001 CR250 motor) Bought my '01 426 last June, rode it 2x before doing the shoulder and ribs thing, but finally started a series race and managed to come out on top taking 1st. To me, it was worth it, free racing and practice for 1 yr. All in all it has been a great bike, no problems thus far, but trying to throw the bike around or make corrections is a little tougher. Off the gate, I have had many 450 pull away slightly, but caught them in the first corner. For my suspension, it took a ton of playing around to get it to my comfort and ability. I changed over from 10wt to 7wt, and played with the clickers till I found my comfort level. I like riding the bike, but I definately want a lighter, more nimble bike...

For all you guys racing your 426's, have you had the suspension worked on and if so by who and were you happy with the results? The only (minor) complaint I have is with the suspension, specifically the forks.

I had mine revalved by Pro-Action. I also went one step up on the springs both ends. It got rid of the dead feeling in the suspension and made it respond better. Also better bottoming contol on the front end. Not a night and day difference, but a step in the right direction. :)

I am liking this thread :):)

Me racing my 426....



I just want to grunt after looking at a photo like that. Nice roost- clean looking bike. :)

I race my 426 every weekend...

bench racing :applause: I've only raced once in my life, and that was GMBII. It's the woods for me.

My 01 has had the snot raced out of it, first 2 yrs desert, then the track, did some SM , This last year it's be getting out to shoot the races, now it's get'n a make over, I will continue to use it to shoot the races and do some district enduros.

As long as they make parts for it and my powder coater doesn't go broke, it will be around a long time

I was informed that my "ole #9" was raced in a harescramble last weekend and got 5th ! :eek::D:applause:

i havent raced mx this year on the 426, but i did last year. it was my first mx race and being on a mx track in 12years woo hoo, i finished 11 in the first moto, and 10th in the 2nd swaping positions with a guy on a honda 450.

i have had my suspension worked on by tech care fully revalved and sprung for my weight of 200lbs and 6'2". other mods were all the free carb mods, a yoshi rs3muffler with a gytr stainless header i run michelins tires s12's here in MI with all of our sand. it also has devol radiator guards, a full skid plate a metal gytr disk guard, and i have a long rang tank for the trails up north. i mainly use it for trail triding. i am by no means a pro or even a b rider on a mx track im alot faster in the woods. the main thing thats holding me back is not the bike its my lack of balls to jump the larger jumps hehe. i have cornering down i just got to get throught he air better. its funny how much skill you lose when you dont use it, and when your nolonger living at home and you now have to worrie about bills if you get hurt.

i did get a chance to ride a crf450 in the trails up north in MI and they are the better bike. the main reason is weight like you said. the power is similar, but you can throw the crf back and forth much easyer. i could go just as fast as my buddy on the crf450 but i had to work alot more to do it. this is why i am selling my yz426 and getting a crf450 i can ride harder longer on the crf than on the yz, and i can turn better to which comes into play when your doging trees. but i will say the yz seems more stabil at speed through woops and such.

i think like you said in your first post that the main advanatage but a big one it is, is the crf450s lighter wieght.

i have also been improving myself at the gym as well as just trying to improve the bike so no im not just taking the lazy mans way out to going faster. hehe

by the way in 2 weeks my 01 yz 426 will be for sale. i love this bike but i wont beable to have 2 bikes in the garage, even though i would like that hehe, yea the wife wants central air instead of the windo shaker hehe.

Here's what I like and dislike about my 426. I love the power. There isn't a bike where I ride that will take me in the straight and I weigh about 195. Considering the performance and power of this bike, it's an absolute reliability marvel. It jumps good, and holds well in the straights. On my track, the Blue ones dominate because they are always running and they always seem to have more juice. This is what I don't like. I'm an old fart, so I'm used to heavy bikes and I've always took pride in my ability in the turns (on other bikes). To me, it just never feels right in the turns. I always seem to have to concentrate too much. I've tried suspension changes, rake changes, etc., but it never seems just right. I'm waiting on the 06 YZ450, I think the COG changes might just be the remedy I was looking for. This ol 426 will always hold a big spot in my heart though. There's something about rolling it off the trailer week after week and asking some Honda or Kawasaki owner (new bikes), "Where's your bike?"... Uh.. I burnt a valve, or it's in the shop... :D

For all you guys racing your 426's, have you had the suspension worked on and if so by who and were you happy with the results? The only (minor) complaint I have is with the suspension, specifically the forks.

I ride YZ426's from time to time on the motocross track, and they all have Enzo-valved suspension. I was astonished at how much faster I could go on the big bike than my tiddler just because of the suspension. You can go over everything and not even feel it if you have good valving in the forks and shock. Getting your suspension done is one of the best mods you can do, especially if your racing.


can anyone fill me in on why they made it 426 in the first place??

Cause it sounds cool? Kinda like the old Hemi 426. I always wondered that myself.

actually the 426 is a by product of the 400. SO the real question is ....why did they make the 400 a 400? :D

Here's what I like and dislike about my 426. I love the power. There isn't a bike where I ride that will take me in the straight

Ya think ? :D

Especially yours! :D

Only when I'm on my victory lap and your still on your final. LOL :D

Only when I'm on my victory lap and your still on your final. LOL :D

Kick a man while he's down, he may have something to prove when he's back :D

Satch, tell those Honda guys (you know the one in particular) that my 426 was still going when his 450 CRF was broke. He still rides that better than the Honda if you ask me.

I ride a wide variety of everything. Enduros - the bike is too heavy and wears me out but I still have fun!

I practice MX sometimes and have fun but I suck at it. I have raced 2 times at GMB so yes, I have raced. :D

I take it to Colorado every year for a week of punishment in the rockies. Talk about the weight issue... try lifting it from an upside down position (don't ask LOL) at 12,000 ft!

I would say most of my time is just spent play riding/trail riding but it is usually at speed. Somehow my friends seem to think everywhere is a good place for a race. :D

My 2000 426 has been bullet proof. One of Yamaha's greatest bikes of all time!

Good post Satch! I still want to ride your 250 though!

After hittn' Elsinore yesterday I'm convinced that besides the weight, one of the biggest impediments to competing with lighter bikes on a 426 is the (lack of) slipper clutch. It's all about the (suspension) upset in the corners, going from off throttle to on. You can use compression braking as an asset, but it takes more effort (and requires more suspension perfection) to smoothly transition from decel to accel. No one can pass me under accel, but in the corners you can tell it's easier to track on a lighter (crf) slipper clutch bike. Still very fun though. New Hotcams exhaust works good. I'd say a slight decrease in low end for a smoother overall powerband, and maybe a little better rev on top. I'll have to wait to get out to the desert (in the winter) (wet) to test that. :D

ok...the new bikes do not have a slipper clutch. They have less compression braking due to the exhaust cam set up they have. Install a decompresssion cam in your 426 and you will know what I am taking about.

BTW ....there is a very informative thread stickied at the top of this forum about the decompression cam mod and how it affects the 400-426 bikes...... :D If the hotcam does not give you this then maybe it's timed wrong.....

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