Who Still Races the 426 ?

I had no idea this thread would last so long.....kind of like the 426. Man I wish I still had mine!


A while back, out in the desert, I pulled up next to a guy with an '05 WR 450 on my '01 Yz 426. He was anxious for me to ride his 450 so as to show off it's attributes. I obliged him. When I got back, he expected me to be impressed. I had some bad news for him... :thumbsup:

I had no idea this thread would last so long.....kind of like the 426. Man I wish I still had mine!


I was thinking the same thing! I am starting to fear that my 426 is going to out live me...Good threads never die! :thumbsup:

PS. Yes, I still race mine!

I just started racing mine (2000 yz426) However I race HS. My last/other bike is a 95 xr600. the yz is the lightest bike I have ever owned or raced.

I don't race my 426, but I ride it hard. I'm 38 years old and weigh close to 250 pounds. My YZ has handled everything I could throw at it and laughed it off. It always starts. It always is a blast to ride. It's NEVER let me down. Until someone can guarantee me that kind of reliability, I'm sticking with the old girl. If the extra weight becomes an issue, I'll lay off the cheesburgers for a while.

I've never race mine but I do plan on it. I don't think I'll come in last.. :thumbsup:

i'm racing a 426 in the ok motard series this year...

Satch you know my story. I am racing my 426 every weekend in D-37 Grand Prixs, Enduros and Desert races. I just did the top end at the beginning of the year after 2 full seasons of racing and another year of riding.

I hate to give it up but the new yeller 450 is so much better I have to do it. I think I will keep it unless somebody offers me money for it.

Congrats on the new ride DBD. You can always bring the 426 along in October ! :thumbsup:

I have a 99 yz400f that i still race in the 4 stroke open class and still keeps up with the other 450's. i have an 04 yz450 and the 400f has a different feel to it totally. the power is different than the 450 as well. it may lack in some power and more weight but its very durrable. ive had hardly no problems with my 400f other than overheating due to sitting and idling at the start which is not normal but noted. it doesnt have much carb bogg like the stock ones kause i have a jimmy deam jet kit in it, K&n air filter and a supertrapp exhaust with the powernow valve. It putts out more top end than the 450 due to gearing but the 450's power all through is enough to pull a wheelie in 4th gear. The riding positions on the bikes are completely different as well. the 450 feels like the handle bars are all jack up compared to the lower 400f's tripple clamp. all in all i think the 400f is a good bike to still race in an open class but i woundn't think about racing it in my district class events for points. on my 450 i got a supertrapp tunable exhaust, k&n airfilter, and jimmydean jet kit. a k&n airfilter gives the bike so much more flow and increases acceleration by far. The only modd that i realy had to put on the 400f was suspension work. the factory connections suspension makes it so much more barrable than the stock... with the stock i was constantly bottoming the suspension and blowing oil seals... i might add i only weigh 165 pounds so that was a weakness of the bike that i can think of. to sum it up the 400f and 426f would be great open class bikes or good vet class bikes but as for district motocross racing competitive its prob. not a real good idea. maybe even local racing would make good for the use of them. as the bikes get newer and more advanced they get more easier to ride and rider freindly. id rather take 15 laps on my 450 than 7 on my 400 just for the fact that the 450 is easier to ride. don't get me wrong tho the 450 will through u around if u don't know how to use the power. like i said i weigh 165 pounds and i know when and when not to use the power thats the only reason i can through the bike around like i do. another reason is i was use to the heavier weight of the 400 and used the differnce to my advantage....

I ran my '01 426 in 2002 for the fall and summer series. The CR450's weren't anything for me to be afraid of then, and I doubt they are now. I only ran with a YZ450 twice before the fetus forced me to let go of the bike. I'm picking up an '02 in two weeks and will be going straight back to my local track to put the whoopin on the 450's if they think they want some (translation: I'm gonna get my ass handed to me for half a year cause I'm out of shape.. but it wont be the bikes fault).

On a side note.. anyone know where I can get a set of 2001/2002 Troy Lee "Dragon" graphics for the bike?

The 'hopper

i went from a 92 yz 250 to a 01 yzf426 so its like a brand new bike i race it every weekend that i can

Hopefully start racing soon

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