Pilot jet Changing Question

Pardon the question of a lazy mechanic. I was wondering if anyone knew if you could change the pilot jet out in an 05 WR450 without removing the bowl. When I pull :) the plug off the bottom and look up with a miror, it looks like it just may be possible. I only ask because I have buggered up the screws that hold the bowl up, and don't feel like pulling the carb all of the way out to fix this problem yet.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can change it throught the drain plug, I do it all the time, but I also take the carb off for a pilot change. Doing it with the carb still on is mucho difficult! For the buggered screws, take one out and go to your local Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. and get some hex head screws that match. That's what I did and now I can easily remove the bowl without removing the carb :) ...SC

I also screwed up my float bowl screws :D:) Took off the carb and replaced with Allen head bolts :) very easy to do

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