hot starting problems

just took out my 02 426 for the 5th time since i bought it and have had trouble hot starting it. it takes me for ever to start like maybe 15 kicks or so and some times its easier with the hot start off and some times with the chock on. could this be because i have the idle set so low?

any help would be nice

You do need a high idle. Try turning it up a couple of turns just to start it , you can always turn it down once it starts.When i had my 426 it could be a pig when hot.I was always told not to touch the throttle , one day after 5 of us going tags on the kicker 20 mins and still no go.Another group of bikes came along and this guy offered to start it.Bugger me 4 kicks and it went. What he did was crack the throttle to 1/4 then kicked. He then told me thats what he does if his won;t start when hot.Also they need a high idle about 1500 rpm.It sounds rather high after riding a 2 smoke but it help.Also try cleaning the carb and maybe some one can suggest some jet sizes to help.

Good ridding Dave

I usually find that choke works better than hot start unless you stall it or lay it down so try choke first and if that fails use hot start...

Dont forget, after a few kicks, and still no go, hold the throttle Wide Open, pull in the decompression, and kick it about 10 time, let the throttle and decompression go, and try kicking it over again, it normally works for me, and mine usually starts with the hot start most of the time, but every now and then I have to clear it out.

I dont quite understand the 1/4 throttle thing, seeing that you are squirting more fuel into the carb, but whatever works...

Good luck, and if you dont already, do the auto decompression mod...

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