Another Australian!

Well, this is my first post.

I have an '05 wr450f and I got my girl an '05 wr250f. It is heaps big for her but at least I can ride it when mine is broken!

Hey all you Aussies drop me a line so I know who to talk to about buying stuff for my bike! I live in Gove in the Northern Territory, so I can't exactly walk in to a bike shop.

I order most of my stuff through Ballards in Sydney and have found them very good indeed.

Hey man, I have looked at this lowering link, but it is expensive and i'm in Australia.

I am thinking about sending my suspension away as my forks aren't right after going to .50kg/mm springs. My shock is fine after going to a 6kg spring.

I will send her forks and shock away to get lowered by an inch or two. She is about 5'10" but only weighs about 120lbs. She can just tippy toe when sitting on the bike. You have to remember that the Australian versions of both the 250 and 450 come with stiffer springs. We have some really tight trails and she gets stuck a bit and would be a lot happier if she could touch the ground properly.

lol, Im 6'1 and still would like the bike to be a bit lower in the tight twisty stuff!!!

G'Day Matty05,

I'm from Melbourne, got a 05 WR450 and reckon it's rocks more every time I ride it. Ballards are good for price usually, used to buy all my XR600 stuff from them. Got 10 WR filters sent down for about $85 which I thought was pretty good considering genuine filters are about $20. One thing I have noticed is a lack of local knowledge on the bikes. Considering the WR450 has been around for 3 years my local Yamaha dealer doesn't know much. I have tried to get infomation about the needle and jet in the spares kit as well as the settings of the idle mixture screw but they reckon they just leave the bikes alone if they are running OK. I have had it boil a couple of times on real steep slippery hills and reckon it was running very lean at medium throttle making it run too hot so I put in the needle and pilot jet supplied with the bike but couldn't get it to idle as well as before. I ended up having to screw the mixture screw out to about 3 to 4 turns. Still doesnt idle as well but it goes better everywhere else and definitely runs a bit cooler. Only mods done are the small exhaust baffle and air box snorkel. Have you still got the standard settings or have you used the needle and 48 pilot jet supplied? If so how did you get it idling right? (For all you guys in the states, in Australia we get a needle with only one groove and a 45 pilot jet so a second needle and 48 pilot jet are supplied with the instructions to change to them if you take the small baffle out of the exhaust and open up the air box). One other thing I found weired is the bike came with a bulletin from Yamaha racing saying to use lead replacement fuel because of the higher octane and valve lube. The bike shop recommended I use normal 91 octane unleaded and thought it was weired that I use 98 octane unleaded with valve lube additive. I just reckon with 12.3:1 compression it needs the higher octane fuel. What fuel do you use?

hey there dodgy :)

Isnt it wierd how it seems that no one really know what they are talking about :) Its so freaking frustrating-Im new to four bangers, grew up riding, racing and fixing 2 strokes and recently got the wr450. So obviously I know zip about them, but do you think I can get a straight answer from anyone??? Sheesh everything from the strater prob/fix to the exhaust, to tuning has been answers of complete opposites. It is really starting to shit me :D One shop will say one thing, the next shop the complete opposite, do a search on the net and get even more varried oppinions argghhhhhhhhhh


Hey dodjy! My mates and I got our bikes sent from Cairns yamaha. We got a great price for 4 bikes but seeing as we didn't walk into the shop, their service is way below par. You would think that if you and your mates spent nearly $50,000 you would get some good service.

My bike was running like shit when I got it, but my girls bike runs so sweet. I changed the pilot jet to the 48 as per the YRD sheet and also cut out the airbox where they say. It was still running like shit so I got a ZIP TY fuel mixture screw from ballards for $50. This has fixed just about all the roughness.

Next thing to do is to rip off that air injection system crap they have hanging off the carb. My mate's YZF's don't have any of that crap and they run fine. I think this is the cause of most of the problems.

I know exactly whre your comming from Matty, these bikes seem to be delivered in a very bad state of tune (mostly due to emission requirements apparently) My jetting kit just got delivered to work (you little ripper!!!) so hopefully I will have her dialed in soon. You might be onto something with the emission crap??

Woo Hoo! what jet kit did you get, where from and how much?

It has pissed down rain here so I am waiting for my mates to knock off work so we can go out for a blast! It just means roost and no dust!

I have a 168 and a 170 main jet laying around so I might wack em in and see. I haven't changed the needle, we will have to see how the main jets go. Top end is lacking at the moment but low and midrange is awesome.

I haven't pulled the plug yet to check if lean or rich - so much hastle.

And Dodjy - no way would I use normal unleaded. You will waste your bike in no time! Even lead replacement fuel will f%@k your valves. Just keep on top of your oil and fliter changes. I change my filter with the oil every time at about 500kms. This depends on your style of riding too.

I got a JD jetting kit from, he is a local bloke and a top guy-super quick delivery!!! I got this kit because after reading through all the posts it had tons of good feedback for gettingthe bike tuned. It cost $145 AUD delivered.

Now I just need to get me a decent pipe and I'll be set...actually then I will want suspension dialled and a dampner...does it ever end!! :)

Sweet. I have seen that web site but I thought the price was a bit steep. You have to tell me how you go with it!!!

I have already got springs but I'm thinkin that I should have just sent them away.

I want a FMF 4.1 carbon pipe and a vortex ignition. I have found the pipe for $1400 off the importer, Casson's. I want a set of triple clamps, ballards has a full set for $500. Both my mates have got the GYTR gold top triple clamp and fat bar set for $350. What a bargain! After that I might get a set of hotcams then a big bore kit...........

I am also lookin out for an '01 - current CR250 for a 500 conversion. I have got the engine, just waiting on the bike.

hey iam from aus to.

i get all my stuff through ballards.

isn't he great! iam in newcastle nsw so it take only like a day to get my stuff sent

ballards have a website one thing that is a must is fork bleeders

you put them where the air bleeder screw is and just press this little button and the air comes out no worrys!!!


the reason i order through ballards is all the shops round here don't know what there doin

Why do you need new triple clamps?? Have you damaged the originals??

I thought the thing on the side of the carby just leans off the mixture when you back off. We don't have the full on air injection that they have in the states do we? I imagine the blocked off pipe into the intake of our bikes is where they inject it in from an air pump.

Matty, does the ZIP TY screw do anything other than make for easy adjustment? I just stuck a plastic tube over the original screw and a small bolt in the other end so I can adjust it on the run.

Knackers, it will be good to know how the jetting goes. What jets did you get - is it just a needle and pilot jet or do you get more stuff in the kit? Hopefully it will liven up the top end (5th gear monos). I reckon the bottom and midrange is awsome, just wouldn't say no to a little more up top (the bike I mean not the Sheilas, but wouldn't say no to that too).

I reckon this site is the best for info on the bikes. These guys have first hand experience so know what they are talking about. The bike shops just see the bikes which Jo blow brings in for the valve check and oil changes so unless they ride the bike in the bush themselves how would they know what works. I now one thing for sure, my bike is very sensitive to temperature. Only a few degrees makes a big difference to power.

I'm glad I read the posts on greesing your swingarm, I've done only 600KM and did the swingarm and linkage bearings last weekend. They had hardly any greese from the factory so wouldn't last long before getting rusty.

The ZIP TY fuel mixture screw just makes for easy adjustment. It has solved nearly all my problems that I had because it was running like shit. I didn't get one for the WR250 because the starter motor is at the front of the engine so it has easy access to the bottom of the carb. Ever since setting the screw, I haven't touched it. Waste of money? for $50 may be, but I am happy.

The crap hanging off the carby sends air to the exhaust system to burn unburnt fuel for adr crap. I am going to see if I can pull it off as the YZF's don't need it. It can only be robbing power and screwing around with the jetting.

With a new bike, I strip them down straight away and grease everything! Damn Japs know how to make a great bike but the poofters don't know how to use grease!!!

With the triple clamps, I'm 6'2" tall and would like some adjustability to move the bars forward. Anyways, I am on my 2nd set of renthals.

How do you figure that something that puts air into the exhaust affect jetting or power????? I cant see how this could be possible??


As far as I can gather, it just sits at the side of your carby, but takes air from the back of the cylinder and airbox and puts it in the front of the cylinder (exhaust ports). My way of thinking is that it has to get the pressure from somewhere which would be from the carby inlet pressure. It looks so simple to block off, just wack some silicone in some short lengths of hose.

It is on page 4-21 of my '05 manual.

Hmmm would be interesting to see if someone has dynoed the difference-Im guessing such a small amount of pressure would make a negligable difference. I figure the reason the yz's dont have them would be based purely on a cost saving measure by Yamaha more than anything else.....

ADR crap.............

Explains why it is on the WR's, ADRs doesnt explain why it isnt on the YZ's.....surely someone out there has the good oil on this mod?? What do the factory teams do? do they rip it off/plug it up?

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