FMF PC4 upgrade

Math, I bought the new Powercore4 from FMF, not the "Q" series one and then the quiet core insert. Mine was only the insert, the endcap see from DK already looks like the one I have. The insert sandwiched in between the end cap and muffler. I had it tested 3 weeks ago, it was 94 DB! It has a nice deep throaty sound!

Ditto. PC4 with quiet core insert is a great set up. :)

Let me make sure I understood you right.

So the Q kit that I just posted from the DK website is not really worth since from what you say the quiet insert alone is enough to lower noise to 94db. Is this correct?


the product from DK that you are looking for is not going to lower your sound, what it does is add an updated endcap (that screw direct from back) and bulkhead for mufflers that do not have an bulkhead and endcap (that screws direct from back)

Ok thanks.

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