Trying to be street legal!

well my car died and i was really wanting to make my bike street legal while i wait on getting the car fixed...

what is the cheapest i can get it for and how hard is it to register at the secretary of state and how hard to get insurance for it?

i live in michigan and just wondering if anyone has the entire kit for sale by chance or any places to get it CHEAP

i would like to get the battery operated kit since it is probably cheaper than getting a stator and all that

Baja designs or 4Stokes only for cheapest

The cheapest way is for you to piece a kit together yourself. Get the Acerbis headlight, Led tail light and brake pressure switch. Put a small 12volt battery in the air box, and change the light bulbs that come in the headlight to 20 watt bulbs oppose to the 35watts that come with it. Even still, you wont be doing any amount of night riding because the battery will die very quick without a stator. If your lucky you wont need to put turn signals on it. Acerbis also makes a pretty slick mirror that you can get. As for insurance I cant see it being much trouble to get it, just call for a quote, it should be fairly cheap since most insurance companies dont know anything about these bikes, just tell them its an enduro and you should be fine.

I had no problem getting insurance even before mine was street legal. I got the tag this week. Differs from state to state but all i had to do was show the title and proof of inspection (it did work to my advantage that im a licensed As for not getting a lighting coil and just using a battery for lights, rem that most states require high beam lights for motorcycles even during the day. Hope that helps, Kevin.

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