Another exhaust question

Since the sale of the Q exhaust fell through (he wouldnt ship overseas) Im looking at some others-can anybody PLEASE give me your opinions on The WB E exhaust? Thanks in advance :)

Hey mate!

E2 muffler is $649

MX4 muffler is $549 but provides more top end with about the same low and mid.

They are distributed through SERCO (

What were you thinking with the Q? I take it that you don't want to be loud.

Hey Matty,

My stocker took a pretty hard knock and I was looking for a replacement. I know nothing about what is out there that is good but have been looking on ebay and originally saw the Q for $159 USD. Now Im looking at a WB E (NOT E2). I just want to (like everyone I suppose) get as much power out of her as I can with being overly loud. The WB E seems good in that you can change the amount of baffles to quieten her down?

I don't know how much money you have to spend but the european brands like Akrapovic and Leo Vince seem to be the quietest for the power they make. They are also the most expensive.

I am looking around for a pipe at the moment as well! I hate the stocker as it is crap. I put my mates YZ405F muffler on it and it sounded so much better (heaps louder!). The performance gain I thought was minimal but noticable. Not all restricted up.

How much louder? Obviously in Gove you could be running a pipe that sounds like a 747 without any worries but around here noise is becoming more and more of an issue. Besides noise doesnt alway equal power, but given the amount the stocker is restricted Im hoping for some good gains from an aftermarket pipe.

Also if noise isnt a problem I would just stick with the yz450 pipe-from what I have read the power gain from one of them to an aftermarket pipe is minimal anyway!!!

Ha! I had to give his pipe back!

Yep, up here noise no worries at all.

Talking about noise - I have started my bike with no muffler at all, just the head pipe. FARK ME! it sounded like one of those nitro drag bikes! You have to try it, but wear hearing protection!!!

I did it because there is some clown who lives near my mates that always calls the cops on us about noise and riding on the road. They can't do stuff all because the WR's are registered and have stoped popping around for a visit.

Mate i live in Oz i bought the yoshi slip on. i'm more then happy with the power gains, with all mods done sept the gray wire stock pipe made 46hp with the yoshi 50.2 with a much steeper climb on the chart hope this helps

Thanks mate-any help appreciated.

What mods have you done and what model is your bike? Mine is an 03 and the only mods I have done is to re route the breather hos into the air box, and to cut some holes in the right hand side of the air box. I have ordered the JD jetting kit. The stock pipe looks like it has had the baffle taken out as the opening is big enough to fit your thumb into. As far as the other mods I gather the wire mod, throttle screw and snorkel are all yank specific?

How much was the yoshi? I dont really want to spend a fortune, I was trying to stay under $350 AUD.

Umm the yoshi was about $400 AUD. Mine is 05 wr air box mods done but i went a little further and drilled small holes in the side cover.. JD jet kit not sure about jet size's etc etc i didn't fit it. i'm sure he said he went up a tooth on the timing...

What air box mods do you mean? $400 for the Yoshi is a good price, did you buy it second hand? And what do you mean he went up a tooth on the timing? You mean he advanced or retarded it by one tooth (Im a 2 stroke man-all this cams and stuff is jibberish :) )

I'm the same mate i know nothin about four bangers.. I ve taken out the snorkel cut bigger holes in the right hand side... As for the timing I'm sure he advanced it a tooth... The Yoshi i bought from the states landed here I'm sure it was $400 brand new..

Anything will give you more power than the stock Aussie/Euro pipe, but they're nice and quiet. The U.S. pipe for 03 is actually quite nice. I have the aluminum Yamaha GYT-R brand of pipe with a quiet cap installed on the end. I love it!! It's not as sexy as a Ti pipe but it really wakes up the bike from bottom to top. I paid less than 300usd for the pipe and quiet cap, half the amount you would pay for a titanium equivalent. Good luck..


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