xr650l susp. ?

I was going up a long fairly steap,gravel road and the rear end of the bike seemed to have a weird hop to the rear susp. Just doesnt feel right. the susp is dialed up preety stiff is this the problem?

story has it our XR650L is sprung from the factory for a 160-pound rider ... unless you're real light, I doubt if you're set up too stiff ... us bigger guys run the clickers up as hard as they'll go, and still too soft without aftermarket springs

This is a fairly common sensation of gravel, because it is a strange surface. Lots of grip but yet very little, so it's easy to get minor non-constant spinning of the rear wheel. This is especially the case when you're pulling fairly low RPMs. This slip/grip would then feed back through the suspension causing you to feel a hopping sensation as the suspension compressed and extended from chain torque. And since suspension is fun, this hopping makes the slip/grip oscillations worse and the hop sensation gets larger.

You can check if this is the case by seeing how the oscillations change at different RPMs on the same hill.

Thanx easton that seems to some it up very well. I will be hiten that hill again soon.

have you set your sag 1st?

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