Foot Peg At Rest Angle

I noticed the day I picked up my bike that the left foot peg doesn't rest perpendicular to the frame. With the excitement of having a brand new motorcycle for the first time I didn't think anything of it.


Now that I'm dialing the bike in (and have been riding other bikes) I noticing my foot feels higher up. Its also killing my boot. :) Anyone else have this going on with their YZ?

I'm considering pulling the foor peg and shaving down the base where it contacts the frame until its perpendicular, but I'm apprehensive breaking out the grinder wheel on the titanium peg.

The '05 Honda CRF's are coming the same way. I guess the new trend is to have this slight camber to the pegs. Fastway has a spacing system to allow the same camber in an aftermarket peg. They claim that it helps keep your knees closer to the bike. I agree, it probably does. It looks like the manufacturers are just copying what is being offered in the aftermarket.

Also, my IMS Pro-Series pegs have this camber to them as well.

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