Still not happy with Trottle response! One More Time.

Hey guys,

I bought a Leftover 02 WR426 in 04 and have done all the mods that I have come across to try and make it run like a YZ, but am still not happy. I don't know if it is just me, maybe my expectations are too high or something. But I was wondering if anyone here lived near Wichita KS and would be willing to maybe do some comparisons? Or maybe even help out a little with fine tuning. I ride in Texas at Muenster a few times a year and I am planning to join the 500 Acre near Stillwater. I have been there once and really liked it. I could meet someone sometime also. I am running a JD jetting kit at 2500 feet with a 168 main, 42 pilot, Blue needle #3, and fuel screw 1.75. Thanks,


P.S. This is a repost of my other thread. It got off line so I thought I would start fresh.

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