Should I switch to a 450? (from 250F)

I know you guys will be partial to the 450 in this forum, but here is my dilemma:

I currently own a 2002 YZ250F and am wanting to possibly move to a 450 this year because of my weight and size (6'0" and 180 lbs) and I have found myself wanting more power lately at faster tracks. I stumbled on this deal of a 2003 YZ450F for $3000 that has been ridden about 15-20 hours by a +45 rider. I am going to look at it tonight and ride it to see what I think.

I was looking to buy a 2005 450 at the end of this year, but this seems like a deal that is too good to pass up, even though the bike is 2.5 years old!

If anyone has any stories about switching over (either good or bad), please let me know what you think.

BTW--I am a mid to fast C (novice) rider that doesn't want too much maintenence on my 4 stroke (that's one reason I ride Yamahas!!)


Welcome to the forum. If you are in good shape, go for the 450. But when you test ride it, do it on a familiar track and do a good 20 min stint to see how you feel compared with riding your own 250. The 450 is much heavier to control. But if you seek a low maintenance bike, that's the one.

I am 5'9" and 160lbs and I moved from a 99' yz125 to an 04' yz450f last year. I honestly have no regrets moving up to the big four-stroke. I am about the same level of rider you are and find the 450 easier to ride believe it or not. It does fill heavier especially compared to the 125 but the lack of shifting and overall torque made me a much faster rider on the 450. I never really got the clutch "flying" down on the 125 so I went from a slow 125 rider to pretty decent 450 racer! If I were you I would go with the 450 but then again I have not been on 250f either. :)

My little bro has an 01 250f and I ride an 03 450f, so I have rode them both. I don't do any racing, just desert and mountains. I am 6' 2" and wiegh about 190lbs. I love the power of the 450 compared to the 250. Like the others said you can tell a little difference in the wieght, but it is not that bad. The 01 250 is 217lbs dry when the 03 450 is 221lbs dry. Add about 15lbs to each bike and that is operating wieght. I think you will like the 450, and I think that it is a good buy. Later :)

yeah i think u should im 15 and ride a 05 450f and its just a little big but i was ridin in xr80 so i think so

That's exactly the move I made when the 2003 450 came out. It was a handful to get used to, but once I did I loved it. I was a relative beginner when I switched to the 450, but it gave me the ability to jump stuff I never could on the 250f.

I'm currently riding the 2005 250 2-smoke for something new ... i rode my nephews 2005 250f last week at a local track, and while I can ride it better now and jump stuff I couldn't have 2 years ago, I was really wanting more power. If I went back to a 250f I would have to put a big bore kit in it.

Going to a 450 next year myself for the same reason -- power. I love the 250F but I race in "B" class, plus 4-stroke and college boy (any size bike, any class rider but must be 16-25 years old). In 125 B I am giving up about 20-50 pounds to guys who turn the throttle full out and in the other classes I just get out powered. However, if I didn't really care about competing, I would stick with the 250F because it is so much fun to ride, much easier to control, and it doesn't pull your arms out of sockets. If you are not a serious racer and don't need more power to stay with the bigger bikes--the 250F is still the way to go.

i switch i switch from in xr80 to a yz450f and im 6 foot 155pounds

You really need to work on your grammar skills. It is just annoying to read.

imagine how annoying he is when he hunches your leg. :applause:

depends on the riding you do this last weekend ride i went on my 450 was too much but the 250f was the way to go even on the hill climbs

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