Oil System

Can anyone help?? I have recently purchased my first off road bike a 1986 XL600, i belive that the engine is the same as the XR600. The oil had been over filled by the previous owner, i have drained the oil out of the sump but the oil level in the frame is still full even when i have run the bike up. i have now taken off the crankcase and stripped down all the pipes to check they are not blocked, these are all ok. How do i check the oil pump is running ok/ What else can i do?? Thanks

Did you drain the oil from the frame? My 95 XR has a drain near the bottom of the down tube to drain the oil as well. Check your manual for proper locations. :) Mine drains probably 1 quart from down tube drain. I wouldn't be to concerned about the overfilling to much. I have heard people question it, but not relate any problems.

The frame drain on the XL600 is the top mount for the skid plate. The mount bolt is actually a reducing stud with a hex in the middle. You will need to remove the skid plate completely to avoid making a mess.

The XL/XR600 relies heavily on oil cooling, so if your system wasn't working your engine would have already blown up. I don't think you can really hurt that motor by running a bit too much oil. You will get more oil going to the crankcase vent and into your airbox, but nothing extremely detrimental. There is an oil level check bolt on the right side engine cover right by the rear brake lever.

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