2001 xr650r for sale street legal

2001 XR650R for sale Baja Designs kit, street legal, looks like new a couple minor scratches, trail tech speedo, $3800.00.

Also 1996 xr400r for sale Baja Designs kit, street legal, larger fuel tank, corbin seat, much more, runs excellent, typical condition from trail riding, $2500.00 email me questions, can email pics if interested markbec2@yahoo.com located in Michigan

And in NYS they're just dirt bikes with extra crap hanging on 'em.




If I am not mistaken, if a bike is registered with a plate in another state it can be transfered into any state. That goes with the exception for Ca. that has like a 7500 mile minimum. The bikes are good every where. Correct me if I am wrong folks. Tony

I hear in NY its iffy.

Prob. possible if the title doesn't have the "off-road use only" kiss-of-death, but then only if the goons are asleep at the switch.

Now if a plated-in-NY 2-stroke rears its smoky head, I'll really be impressed!


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