Mobil 1 Oils Analysis


The oil analysis results comparing the old Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic (red cap) and the new Mobil 1 15w-50 Extended Performance (gold cap) show the oils to be nearly identical. :)

The amounts of Molybdenum in both oils are the same (82ppm) so there will be no clutch problems with the new oil. The amount of anti-wear additives (zinc and phosphorous) are virtually the same. The amount of zinc in the new oil is down a few ppm's but the phosphorus is up a few ppms.

For those of us that fell in love with the old red cap fear not, the new gold cap EP 15w-50 is the same oil.

If someone would be willing to scan the analysis results and post on TT send me a pm with your fax number.


Check your PM's

Why is the new Extended Performance about $1 more per quart than the old Red Cap if they are the same? Just curios as I want to justify having to pay that much for my oil. :)

How about Marketing 101, change the bottle, mark it up and they will purchase!

Heres a link to both reports:

Oil analisys results

The images are large (about 250kB each) so give them a minute to load.

I just skimmed that other thread, and I do see significant differences between the standard Mobil oil and the MX4T/v-twin. In particular, there is 36% more Phosperous and 32% more Zinc in the motorcycle specific oils. That's quite a large difference in those two materials.

In regards to the new and old Mobile oil described in the carts above; agreed they look to be the same! Marketing...

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