Is anyone happy running the stock jetting on their 05 ?

It does not remove the rev limited - I have hit it with the grey wire pulled. It just changes the timing map. The standard timing map for the wr450 is to retard the timing when the RPMs start to get high. It makes it climb slower to the rev limit that way. Undoing the grey wire gives you more high-rpm snap.

Hey guys, recently did some steep single track near Pine and Baumgartner in Idaho. I've had no problems with the stock jetting as of yet, and even on this ride it was fine.

I did notice a little power loss I think as we got really high, but no choking or flat spots to worry about. As we came to the top of some really steep and nasty switchbacks, we found a flat spot to rest and let the bikes cool. Wow, she was boiling pretty good even under the canopy of the trees. Really cool to see the overflow tank fill up, and then relieve itself right back into the radiators.

I did notice however, as we were heading back to camp, the bike was popping pretty good as we descended the hills. First time I noticed this, but it was quite annoying.

I was under the impression that the bike only "popped" on decel if it was jetted, but mine is popping with the stock jetting. Anyway, I"ve ordered the AIS removal kit, so hopefully that will cure the problem.

Has anyone done this with stock jetting? Did it do the trick to cure the popping?


Just picked mine up on Sat. and havent ridden it much. Dealer did the stop and grey wire and I removed the pipe in the silencer.

Hey Guys, I am running a '05WR450F in Singapore. Imported on Ausie spec. I changed throttle restricter screw, removed pipe thingy, and removed airbox sides & snorkle. The bike runs very, very, :applause: well! What is this talk about a grey wire please? No re-jetting for me. Riding at sea level 90% of the time.


The AIS pumps air into the exhaust manifold thus causing the pop on deceleration. Most 05's experience this bone stock........especially when the bike warms up. Removing the AIS should solve your popping; it did for me and most other people who installed the AIS plug kit.

As to the original post, I'll add what's already been said. The jetting is WAY lean at lower elevations. Mine had sporadic idle and surged all over the place.....I thought I bought a lemon at one point until I put in the JD jet kit, clipped the gray wire, removed throttle stop and I went one step further installing a Pro Moto Billet exhaust insert, doing away with the outer baffle altogether. I went with the PMB exhaust insert because I wanted to maintain a fairly quiet bike with there being noise issues in my area. It's way cheaper and though I may not have the performance of a full blown race pipe, it has plenty of balls to keep me smiling for the tight woods riding I do.

Just removed the AIS. You can Ghetto rig it for under ten bucks. The TT kit makes it look clean for $35. I had a huge back fire problem, but just rejeted. Haven't tried yet. Don't use a switch for the grey wire because once you try it cut, you will never want to go back. Don't mess with the the insert in the exhaust tip, just buy the $60 pro-moto billet insert and be happy. It sounds nice and it is not too loud.

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