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Back in the saddle.

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I rode today for the first time after a major injury.

On april 9 I dumped my S on the OCduallies benefit ride from Beaumont to Idlewild and back. I fractured and dislocated my right shoulder and was airlifted out.

I went back there today and did a 40 mile loop 1/2 on hwy at the same spot.

I definately got back on the bike prematurely i'm still pretty stiff. I am not going to tell my physical therapist.

I didn't think it would bother me but I was feeling very anxious just driving up to the spot. I did the whole dirt section in 2nd gear at about 10MPH; my riding buddy was very patient. I was reliving the whole awful incident on every turn. Yes I did stop at the scene of the crime.

I did start to enjoy myself near the end of the ride on the really easy section.

My plan is the get back on the horse that threw me but not just yet. 🙂

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