Mobil 1 Oil analysis in!


The oil analysis results comparing the old Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic (red cap) and the new Mobil 1 15w-50 Extended Performance (gold cap) show the oils to be nearly identical.

The amounts of Molybdenum in both oils are the same (82ppm) so there will be no clutch problems with the new oil. The amount of anti-wear additives (zinc and phosphorous) are virtually the same. The amount of zinc in the new oil is down a few ppm's but the phosphorus is up a few ppms.

For those of us that fell in love with the old red cap fear not, the new gold cap EP 15w-50 is the same oil.

Does anyone use the Shell Ultra full synthetic in their WR? I used to use it in my XR600 and found it OK but not sure whether to use it in the WR. Still got a 20L drum left over.

Sure hope that's the MC-specific oil.

Check out the analysis of using Mobil 1 car-stuff...



No, it's the "Car Stuff"

The Mobil 1 15w-50 synthetic (red cap) has a pretty big following on TT, just check some of the polls. When Mobil discontinued that oil and introduced the Mobil 1 15w-50 Extended Performance" (gold cap) many riders were concerned that the Mobil claim of XX% increase in supersyn meant that the new oil was loaded with friction reducers, i.e. moly and it would cause clutch slippage, myself included so I spent the money and had both oils analyzed. They are basically the same oil, give or take a few ppm here and there, the moly content is the same.

Hey thanks for the info. :)

Sure hope that's the MC-specific oil.

Check out the analysis of using Mobil 1 car-stuff...



WoW!!! I'm never gonna use the car stuff evar again!!!

We all know that no one has ever has a transmission failure using mc specific oil right?


That thread was an embarrassment...

That thread was an embarrassment...

If you say so...

Im still trying to get over the fact that someone was so anal thatthey had to get their own test done on the oil!!!! OMG!!! Doesnt anyone have a life??

How good is Mobil 1 for a car/truck. Should I quit using it in my s10?

An oil analysis simply tells you some information about select additives, oil viscosity, if there's a presence of fuel and or glycol, info about various wear metals, etc, but a virgin analysis is only good for that period of time because formulations can and do change without notice to consumers. I've seen numerous additive changes (mostly concentration changes) over the years with various oils, but there's no way to tell just how much the base oil itself has changed between red cap & gold cap with just an oil analysis, but it does provide some facts as to changes in the additive package. An oil analysis tells you almost nothing about the base oil or the chemistry behind it, all of which is very important, especially when considering the hydrodynamic properties for lubrication.

I think its great that Vibeguy took the initiative to use science and find some hard facts on this as opposed to speculation. Thank Vibeguy! When it comes to oil, everybody seems to be a petrochemist these days, but the amount of mis-information out there is staggering. Like Vibeguy, I also use oil analysis for gathering data on new oils, but mostly for spotting trends and it's very good for that in addition to giving you a good idea of what additives are being used, how a specific oil and additive package is holding up for a given application, whether or not your air filter is effective for your application and or service interval, facts about certain engine components wearing out prematurely or clues to a part that's about to fail, etc. It's not all cut and dry though, especially for shared sump off road motorcycle applications and you often have to build up some history if you want to spot trends. You've got to know what you're looking at if you want the most from your analysis, which can sometimes be misleading.

Red cap is the best!!!!! Glad the gold cap is the same. To bad I got rid of my thumper but I'll pass it on to my thumper friends.

Vibe guy thanks for the info and the effort!!!

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