rear axle seized

Got a mel of a hess here. In going to remove the rear wheel (to lube & grease the swingarm) I discovered the rear axle seized to the chain side wheel bearing. After spraying plenty of deep creep in there ,leaving it sit overnite, and using a 1/2" impact to try to jar it loose, no luck. When rapped with a 4x4 block and a large hammer the bearing comes out appx. 1/4" along w/ the axle and thats all the movement I can get. Any suggestions? looks like the sawzall is the next step

Well, Sawzall might be the answer! Man, I love my sawzall. How did we ever get by before the sawzall :)

Might try a little heat and get a bigger hammer. Going to have to replace the bearing anyway, may as well try to save the axle. Just heat the bearing if possible. Just my 2c.


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