Broken Spoke

Going to have my tires swapped out on my 1995 XR600 and would like to get that blasted one spoke replaced. How much should I pay to have one spoke replaced?

It just takes a minute to change a broken spoke once the tire & tube is off. If it's frozen, you simply cut the spoke with tin snips and pull it out. If it's already broken, you simply pull it out and put the new one in. As long as the rest of the spokes are in good shape and your wheel is still round & true, it takes just a minute to do. Many shops here charge labor in 1/2 hour increments, so you'd be stuck paying 1/2 hour. If you bought tires and tubes from a given shop, I'd ask them to put the spoke in for free if you provided them with a new spoke.

The replacement is soooooo easy if the tire is removed. Were I a shop mechanic, and you gave me a new spoke, and nipple, I'd have trouble charging you any labor whatsoever for replacement. If the old spoke is broken, it is excessively easy to remove. Putting a new one in would take under 45 seconds, with tightening..

---now truing the rim is another story altogether. That takes time!

Usually have to change a couple with every new tire, it's pretty simple.

When I had the tire changed he put in a new one and didn't charge me. Woohoo. :)

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