acerbis tank for 00 WR400

Maybe I'm just missing the listing on every site I go to, but I cannot find anyone selling the acerbis tank for the 00 WR. I would actually love to go with the YZ seat, so I don't really even care if it's a YZ tank, I just want the improved range.

And just to confirm, once I do find a tank, I will need YZ shrouds, and then if I want a YZ seat I will need that piece along with the tail plastics for the YZ, correct?



I never did locate an Acerbis tank for my 00 WR back in 2000. I went with a 3.4 gal IMS tank for a YZ426 and an SDG YZ seat. :)

I did have to use YZ shrouds. IMS still offers this tank.

I notice that Clarke has a 3.3 gal YZ tank and SDG seat as a package deal for the WRs.

You won't need to replace the "tail plastics" unless you just don't like them.

For maximum range you could use the IMS WR400 4 gal tank and you wouldn't have to replace the seat. But then you would have WR ergos. :)

Thanks for the tip ... Clarke/SDG package ordered as of now. The IMS tanks got too many mixed reviews around here, so the Clarke deal looked pretty good.

tail plastics ... the streetbike rider showing through ... rear fender is what I meant :)

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