XRs only exaust

Have had my comlete xrs only exaust on the bike for about a week now .Its louder than I was told it would be , but I am quit happy with it . Monting was better than some pipes I have used .Sounds great now that I am getting used to it. I did put the largest main jet I could find in it .165 dyna jet that came with the kit that I started with. Quality seems very good . I will clean up the weld s this winter.

How much was it? :):)

Do you have the spark arrestor screen in it?? What elevation are you? That is a way lean jetting for anything close to sea level.

Cost was 530 to my door. Yes the spark arrester screen is in it. The jetting is a 55 pilot and 165 dyna main .No poping on decell. Just about 140 feet above sea level. I tried to find a larger pilot but as yet no luck. What jetting would you recommend? BWB63 Hay nice slide show you put on THANX!

Oh yea this seems to be there new oval ended pipe.They told me I wouldnt have to rejet can you believe it.

Hmmm... Is this the one that's supposed to be a close copy of the pipe Pro Circuit makes for Team Honda? Tapered head pipes, megaphone center section going into the silencer?

Idont no about it being a copy of the procir. The muff.is oval withscreen the header is not tapered,two into one into muff.The diameter of the header pipes are larger than stock I know thats a given. Any body want to recommend jetting size? As I said before I am running 55 pilot 165 dyno jet slide drilled dyno jet spring snorkell off smog gone. any one thanx : :

Do you have a "L" with the CV carb. If so The 165 DJ main is something like a 155 Keihein(sp). Go with an original Keihein and you can go much larger.

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