Need softer seat

2000 WR400 stock everything looking for softer seat or foam, I hear the IMS seat is not much softer than stock. Does anyone make a nice soft seat or foam tired of monkey butt.

Me to! I would like to knom the same thing!!!

Tall seat foam from


Dan in Washington

2000 WR400F

The Guts racing foam is WWAAAAYYY softer compared to stock. I love the guts regular height soft foam (6'1", any taller get the tall foam). What a differnce it makes.

Excerpt from an earlier post...

I recently put in 260 miles in one day. I know I would have had SERIOUS monkey butt if I were still running the stock seat. I switched to Factory FX softer foam (stock height) which made all the difference in the world. I was little tired after that ride but no monkey butt whatsoever. The Guts soft foam is also taller than stock which may be desirable if you have long legs.

$55 (money well spent). Here are the options they offer:

YZ400/426 98-00 STOCK 02-0633

YZ400/426 98-00 SOFT/TALL 03-0145

YZ400/426 98-00 SOFT/STOCK 02-0634

WR400 98-00 SOFT/TALL 03-0146

WR400 98-00 SOFT/STOCK 03-0147

I can attest to the Guts foam being way better than the stock brick-like seat the factory wants us to sit on. I am 6'-0" tall and went with the tall/soft seat foam. Most of the height added to the tall foam is in the tank transition area, dramatically improving the ergonomics for a guy who is 6'-0". The bike does not feel taller to me, just easier to ride without feeling cramped while sitting down. Seems to turn better too.

Ron in SoCal, were you able to keep the stock WR tank?

aftershock -

Yes. Stock tank and seat base. Have to remove old foam from the stock seat base and glue the new foam on. Also need new seat cover. I went with the guts cover also.

Ron thanks for the info and Dan for the web site. I will order foam and cover on tuesday.

PS. I will be heading down south to bring in the new year at the desert. Just might pass bryan as he goes up north. :)

Here's the Archive Post Angry Candy is talking about.

In the latest Cycle News, which I just received for free, there is an advertisement for replacement MX seats available.

check it out @:

Their advertised price is $85, which includes everything, including the base.

phone: 714-258-1224

Our "internet wall" came up here at work, so I cannot check it out at this time. But you can!


99 WR400





You may want to consider sending Gutsracing your stock seat base. They will mount the new seat foam and cover for no extra charge. It is well worth it. If you've ever tried to drive a staple into the seat base without the proper staple gun, you'll know what I'm talking about. Plus they will get the cover nice and tight.


Dan in Washington

2000 WR400F

Guys, search the archives for a post entitled:

New, cheaper seats available from SDG

SDG traditionally has manufactured bicycle seats, but the owner also rides a YZ250. I have no experience with their products, but have heard second hand from a few guys that the bike seats are amazing. You may want to check them out.

Thanks for the advise Dan. Do you know how long the turn around time is. Riding is perfect this time of year :) Would hate to miss a couple of weeks.

I was in a hurry and paid the extra UPS charges for next day air both directions. Once the seat base arrived, it took Gutsracing one day to perform the service. Depending on your location the turn around should not be any longer than 7-10 days going UPS ground. Remember UPS is still trying to play catch up this time of year!


Dan in Washington

2000 WR400F

I've been off line for a few days with the holidays,

I would like to thank everyone for there input.

I will check the differences in the foams and order the softest one for me. THANKS AGAIN!

Baja Designs has both a standard height soft seat foam and a tall seat foam and cover for the WR. I have put 9500 miles on my 99 WR using the tall seat foam and it is worlds better than the stock foam.

Something to think about while spending all this cash on foam and covers. I changed to a YZ tank at the same time which dramtically helps you get forward on the bike for turning and hills. If you have had thought of this, so it NOW because the seat bases/seats are not interchangable between WR and YZ stle tanks.

I also went with the Guts foam/guts grippy cover. Very nice, very comfortable. I'm 6'1 and used the standard height, but if I could do it again I may have got the tall foam.

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