Buying an electric starter

My brp is very well equipped now and i would like to add an electric starter. i would love to here feed back from anyone so i can make an informed decision.i have some questions like weight? flywheel weight and how the crank takes the extra load? price?where does the battery go and will my clarke 4.3 tank still fit?do i NEED to up grade my stator? i am leaning toward the baja kit only because it is complete and seems a little cheaper.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

I'll be able to tell you more in a month once I get some time with mine, but I bought the BD kit for one of my 650r's so I can have a street bike to play on after knee surgery, although I'm keeping my other 650r's strictly kick start. Old_Man_Time has had the BD kit for a while and his kit has been very reliable from what I know. I’ve also talked with at least a half dozen other BD e-start kit users that were happy with the kit and noticed two 650r’s at this last Adelanto GP with BD e-start kits on them. I think the Joe Racer kit looks much nicer in terms of aesthetics, but I was leery of their kit after reading a couple opinions a while back from people who apparently had problems with the kit along with installation issues, after sales support issues, etc. The BD kit is significantly less expensive, simple in design, heavy duty and installation appears to be quite simple from reading the instructions. The engine turning was poorly done on my side case in my opinion and the finish work wasn’t as good as I would have hoped for, so I sent mine off to be powder coated to make it look nicer, but the part itself is heavy duty and functional. The guys at BD are friendly and are able to assist people over the phone with install questions, but this kit really is quite simple to install as long as you have a press that can press the ring gear on the flywheel. Don’t worry too much about getting the flywheel off because the kit comes with a tool to remove the flywheel. If you don’t have a hydraulic press or don’t know someone who does, BD will do it for you free of charge if you send or bring them your flywheel. The kit can be used on a bike with the stock stator, but a rewound stator is recommend if you’re running lights and want to keep the battery fully charged. The battery is mounted in a heavy duty battery tray that also contains the solenoid and this assembly mounts to the motor mounts and engine case bolts where it’s tucked in back of the cylinder next to the carb. I haven’t installed the kit yet, but I’m guessing it will take me an hour or two at the most. Even with powder coating the side case, I think it will still look pretty funky, but it’s the only way I’m going to get some mild riding in after knee surgery and mild riding is better than not riding at all :)

Here’s the link to the BD e-start instructions if you want to download and read them…

I installed the BD e-start kit this weekend. I think the installation took me a bit over 6 hours from what I recall as opposed to my original 1 to 2 hour estimate :), but I was also doing other things to the bike as well. I also had to keep leaving the bike and coming back for various reasons, but it's really is a piece of cake to install and if I didn't have to go to the store to buy miscellaneous things or find tools that my wife / kids borrowed, it would have been installed quicker. I think I could install this kit in ~3+ hours if I had to do it again. The kit instructions recommend removing the exhaust, but I installed the system with the exhaust on thanks to some nice flexi-sockets. Removing the carb would have also opened plenty of space to access the battery tray & solenoid assembly to make connecting the wiring harness much easier and I’d recommend this action before removing the exhaust system or you can leave everything in place and use flexi-sockets to access everything. I did have the BD side case powder coated and it came out very nice for the most part, but I'm sure it will get its share of scratches in due time, although it should be good for a while as this particular bike will only be seeing pavement and easy riding for the next ~6+ months while I take things super easy after knee surgery. I've still got to finish various mods (exhaust, cam, internal airbox mod, skid plate, rooster hand guards, cycra roost shields, trail tech speedo, miscellaneous wiring, GPS ram mount, chain, gearing, etc), but it should make this ride a bit more fun :D

Oh yeah, pushing the button was kool and she fired right up with a quick push. Now I have the girly button like my wife on one of my 650r's, but at least I'll be able to ride a bit after surgery and any riding is better than no riding :)

Here's some pics of the bike and the side cover after it was powder coated.

XR650R d/s pic_1

XR650R d/s pic_2

BD e-start sidecover pic_1

BD e-start sidecover pic_2

BD e-start sidecover pic_3

Powder coating looks SO much better!

Hey Allen, Tex, whoever over there in San Marcos---powder coat your machined covers!

Very nice mod


Since all the weight is carried down low it is hardly noticeable. Once you get used to it you'll never go back to kicking. Even though my bike is generally a one kick bike what's the point, the button is just too easy to push. In tight tech stuff the E-button become a necessity. :applause:

Wow, Gary, the entire bike looks great, let alone the e-start add-on. Thanks for the typically detailed info about an issue that interests if not affects many of us 650R riders.

great thanx for the pics! it looks like my clarke 4.3G tank may be in the way of the battery! does the kit come with everything required? like the battery and rectifier.


Yeah, the kit comes with everything including a flywheel remover tool, regulator / rectifier with a wiring harness, FET assy if you're running the stock stator, battery, etc. You'll need a hydraulic press to press the ring gear onto the flywheel, but Baja Designs will do it free for you if you mail them your flywheel, but that's the only thing needed that's outside the kit. My bike's all have IMS 3.2 tanks, so they hang down more than stock, but probably not as much as the Clarke. It's my understanding this kit fits with the huge Acerbis Sahara 6 gallon fuel tank, so perhaps it will fit with the Clarke. The guys at BD will know for sure. The only additional thing recommended is a high output stator if you're not already running one. You can rewind it yourself or have BD do it or buy a new high output stator from Ricky Stator, etc. I don't believe it's necessary, but it's recommended, otherwise your stock stator won't be able to fully charge your battery if you're also running lights and you'll definitely have to plug into a battery tender or similar device to keep the battery topped off. Plugging into a battery tender is still a good idea even with a rewound stator if you want to prolong the life of your battery.

Looks great, qadsan....... :applause::eek:

My bike has the IMS 4.6 and it does not interfere with the BD electric starter at all. Oh and if ya have Baja Designs rewind your stator they guarantee it to the original purchaser for life. Can't beat that for $120.00 and it works great.

I'll check with baja designs today but it looks like the clarke tank drops lower then ims and acerbis tanks? and my bike is running all led brake and signal lights execpt for the stock headlight so i am going to try without rewinding for now. my bike seems to have plenty of charge even at idol with all lights running but i am still running AC power.


I got my BD BRP starter right when they came out over a year ago. First it came with the really thin battery that went under the seat but Baja Designs quickly replaced it with the battery set up they offer now. From the very start as always the people at BD were right there to help on the phone. Being a retailer I deal with them on a weekly basis and over the past 6 + years they have always been there for my customers and I. Baja Designs starter kit for the BRP has been one of the best purchases I have ever made for my 650R. I do recomend rewinding the stator if you want to install this kit.


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