newb xr question

I am thinking about getting my first dual sport.

love the Idea of ripping on the twisties and some fire roads. However, I want to be able to commute to school which is about 40miles of freeway.

Is the XR 650L a good choice for me?

I also like the idea of putting some 17 inch wheels on for the winter.

thanks for any feed back :)

Yup. Sounds like a perfect ride for you.

XRL is good for this. If fire-roads are the max you'll see off-road, the KLR is a good choice as well.

KLR is a bit more street than the XRL, unless wheelies are important. Than the XRL is the one!

Of course there's KTM, BMW, etc. but those are for the 'rich' :) .


The XRL should be fine for you. Don't get the KLR. They're underpowered and tankish.

The XRL should be fine for you. Don't get the KLR. They're underpowered and tankish.

Yes,...... what he said, Ride Red........... :)

I would like to ride my new 05 650L to work now and then - but feel that 30 something miles on the freeway would just hammer it.... don't know why... but seems like sustained 70MPH would not be it's 'forte...

I ride my XRL everyday I can 30 miles to work and cant be happier.

just get a bigger tank.

I love my XR650R but I wouldn't want it as my daily pavement roller. Try Beem f650GS or Dakar. Pricey but smoother. Try several makes and ride em before you buy. Then decide.

Thanks for all the replies. The Dakar looks real tight, but too much $$. And I wont be commuting everyday so maybe I can deal with battling the wind or better yet ... back roads!

Thats the spirt :) Mine( 05' XR650L) handles both well. Most important is to test ride them.......find what you like :)

If your going to be doing that much freeway driving the klr is the ride for you. The xrl will do the high way,but you would be better off doing it on the klr. More comfort big gas tank liquid cooled that thing was ment for what you do.

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