Greasing Stearing Head

Do I need Any special tools needed? I'm downloading the manual again b/c I'm not at home. But just thought I'd Check!



Not sure how much help this will be to you with your Honda, but here's how it's done on a DRZ. I just recently did mine...

Steering Stem Maintenance

After you remove the steering stem nut from the top of the 3-clamp, you'll see a spanner nut that pre-loads the stem bearings. I made a tool to remove this nut and to torque it properly, but some guys remove it by placing the blade of a screwdriver onto the flat part of the slot and giving it a few taps with a mallot / hammer. Its final torque is only a couple foor pounds.

I've done a half dozen Yamahas in the last month and the smallest spanner wrench in the Harbor Freight spanner wrench set has come in very handy for this type of thing. You can't go wrong at $15.99 for a set of spanners, especially when spanner wrenches from Motorcycle tool companies are often 4X that price for just a single wrench. Another cheap tool source may be your local bicycle shop since many performance bicycles are using metric spanners and you may find a combo wrench for $15 or less that will do the job if you don't want to make a tool or use the hammer / screwdriver method. I've never used the HF spanner wrench on a 650r since I made my own tool for this job, but I've used it on other XR's, WRF's, YZF'f, CRF's, etc, and it works like a charm. Here's the link to the Harbor Freight spanner set for anyone interested.

I just did mine recently with no special tools. Like Qadsan said, just tap the spanner nut loose with a big punch and a rubber mallet. When tightening, just snug it up enough to create a slight amount of tension on the bearings, thus tension on the side to side motion of the stearing head. The steering head shouldn't flob back and forth freely. Don't over tighten it, though. :)

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