Good ways to carry stuff on my 1984 XL600R

Hi all, hopefully will have my XL on the road soon, and would like to know if anyone has any experience with putting luggage on an XL. Will it take accessories for an XRL or XRR? I would think having the exhaust under the sidecover/seat would make saddle bags problematic? Would the extreme heat the engine produces be a problem for tank mounted bags/panniers? What about a luggage rack? My bike doesnt have one but i'd like to remedy that. Anyone know about fairings/windshields/brighter lights?

When I go to Baja I use QuadBoss tank bags, they are designed for use on a quad but work great on every thing we've used them on so far, Xl600R, DRZ400, and a CRF450R. For saddle bags we've been using dog bags like for hiking with a dog. We run the chest strap around the frame in front of the rear shock and cut off the belly strap. Then you need to attach the top of the bag that goes over the dog's back, to the rear fender. With this set up I carried everything I needed for five days and 1084 miles in Baja last March. That's clothes, 3 Qts of bottled water, a qt of oil and chain lube. My tools I carried in a Wolfman tool bag (this is a very nice item) on the rear fender.

He he! Dog bags...thats awesome! I'll check that stuff out, thanks for the suggestions :)

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