426 01-02 interchangeable parts ???

Hello all,

Few questions, firstly i have the 02 model and on the weekend i am going to pick up an 01 for my brother. Are there any major differences between the two models, i know the rear sub-frame is ali on the 02. I have a few sets of plastics are they interchangeable?

Also i have fitted the hotcam to my bike for ease of starting. I have read a few posts about counter balance problems on earlier models ect, is there anything that should be done on the 01 before riding it a bit, apart from the obvious oil and filter change ect...

Any information is much appreciated as always !!! :):):D

Subframe is alum' on the '01 as well, it's just painted blue, not bare silver. Plastics will interchange. :)

The '01 and later models of all YZF's have the balancer gear driven by a set of splines, instead of the key used in the '00, so the problem's fixed. The clutch boss nut and the primary drive gear nut have been known to loosen on them occasionally, though, so you should check them in the event of a suspicious noise.

Excellent... thanks for the info guys, Much appreciated !! :)

almost everything is interchangable between the 01-02. The 02 does have other differences not listed....but not really that relavent.

"newly remapped ignition for more precise spark - and performance thatís quicker and harder hitting than ever.

Retooled suspension settings deliver smoother, more compliant stroke at both ends, while an all-new, lighter-weight swingarm is both stronger and more rigid.

Greater durability and reduced unsprung weight comes courtesy of a new front wheel hub. A larger, 245mm rear brake disc helps rein in this speed demon with even greater stopping power.

And slightly more forward-positioned handlebar mounts create roomier ergos and a more aggressive riding set-up that allows you to slide forward more easily when attacking corners."

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