Are my cams retarded?

I bought a 99 WR400 this winter, and my

dealer said I was lucky. The previous

owner had them retime to YZ specs so I

wouldn't have to do it. Well, I really

don't like the way this thing is running

so I decided to go back to ground zero.

Here's what the cams looked like when

I took the valve cover off. Am I mistaken,

or did they move the exhaust cam the

wrong way? It even looks like it may

be two teeth counter-clockwise from stock.


[This message has been edited by bender647 (edited 03-04-2001).]

[This message has been edited by bender647 (edited 03-04-2001).]

Yes your cam is all messed up. I just took my cam out for valve adjusting and redid the YZ timing so it is fresh in my mind.

Line up on the the timing mark on the crank and have the cam chain taught (maybe put your finger in where the cam tensioner is).

With this done the intake cam punch mark (at 3:00 should be exactly level with the top of the engine case.

The exhaust cam's (for WR timing)punch mark should be at 9:00, also level or inline with the top of the engine case. For YZ timing, you rotate the exhaust cam 1 tooth clockwise, so the punch mark should be one tooth above the engine case.

While it is hard to say exactly what is wrong because your chain is loose, it is my guess that the dealer rotated the cam the wrong way based upon your picture.

yes, your timing is retarded and so is the guy that did it!!!!! there are 14 chain pins in between your 12:00 dots. there should be 13 pins at stock wr timing and 12 pins at yz timing. i'm suprised it's running!

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agree with bonz

two teeth clockwise ASAP


Thanks for the quick feedback guys.

I've put two miles of illegal riding on

the bike. So far, found a cracked throttle

slide, wrong cam timing, and two tight

exhaust valves. Oh, the throttle stop is

completely removed and the bike was retimed

without any change in jetting.

For a dealership that races YZ400's, they

don't seem to be as informed as this



Don't feel bad Bender. When I bought my 00 Wr I had the dealer do the exhaust and timing as well as trim the stop. After riding the bike I added 5 plates to my E series trimmed an additional 3mm from the stop and then 6 mo later found that my valve timing was the same as yours. WOW what a difference there is when you go from 1 the wrong way to 1 the right way.

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