Where to take bike for suspension work?

My XR650R is probably setup suspension wise for a much lighter person. What is the best bet to get the suspension dialed in? I would not hesitate to take the bike to Barnums or the like but I am currently in Utah. Anyone know of a place in Utah that deals with suspension?



There's a lot you can do yourself that's pretty easy. For instance, just changing the springs for your riding weight and getting your sag nailed down can make a significant improvement in ride / handling. Changing out the fork fluid and playing with different fluid viscosities and fluid volumes is another useful tuning tool. You can always take it farther if you want to and some folks are more than happy with just these changes. If you just want someone local to do everything for you, here's some places to check out in Utah that might be able to help you out. Also ask the shops if they have any discount coupons that may save you some coin and take a harder look at PRS as I've heard good things about Danny Morgan. Some of the shop owners below are also TT members and they may offer a TT member discount if you ask :) .

You can locate a local RG3 dealer through this link and they may be able to help you.



292 N 2000 W Lindon, UT84042


Racers Edge Suspension

427 West Universal Circle

Sandy, UT

Justin Jones @ 801-864-0663


PRS, Pro Racing Suspension

87 E. Redwing Court

Saratoga Springs, UT 84043

Danny Morgan @ (801) 631-2911

Danny was the founder of X-Country Suspension

Give Precision Concepts a call or ESP in Tujunga. I've been very satisfied with both shops.

Precision Concepts works awsome!

give george at esp a call very nice guy turn around is quick too 1 818 249 6744

I hear Precision Concepts does great work on XR suspension. I know ESP does great work. I run his suspension on my blue thumper. George is the best.

If I had a XR I would try Precision Concepts.

Changing out the fork fluid and playing with different fluid viscosities and fluid volumes is another useful tuning tool.

how does volume affect the forks?

That is one thing I never really followed/researched much, I figured the factory set a level for a reason :banghead:

The oil level affects the pressure inside the fork. Think of it as an "air spring". As the fork compresses, the less volume available for that air to compress, the higher the pressure and greater the effective spring rate. Higher volumes cause the fork to become much stiffer at the end of the stroke, preventing bottoming. Lower levels make the fork more plush on the smaller, choppy stuff but you might bottom too easily if your spring rate is on the soft side.

The factory level is 120mm from the top. The manual states that you can adjust the level from 150mm~90mm. Look on page 96 of your owners manual (the little green and white book) for more information. I do not fill more then 100mm (I run mine 105mm) do ton the fact that more oil raises the pressure on the seals.

I know this is another opinion for who does the best suspension work for the 650's but I would advise anyone to go to Rob Barnum for suspension work or whatever else you want done to your bike. He has all the tricks for dialing in your bike. BARNUMSPRO.COM

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