Red Smoke

Went riding over the fourth with my usual riding buddy except this time he pulled up with a brand new 450X in the back of his truck, to my surprise. I tried converting him to blue over the last 8 months but, he just bleeds red and wouldn't listen. It's a nice bike, don't get me wrong but, I only got to see it at the campsite what with him being behind me most the time ... hehe

I do like the seat on the 450X, very comfortable. Other than that, I'm glad I opted for the WR. After riding his 450X, I was glad to get back on mine.

Disclaimer: this is not an attempt to bash other brands, I love all bikes ... especially the ones behind me :)

In a straight out drag who won? C'mon ya must have tried. The red bikes have a heap of grunt don't they? Was his bike standard?

Blue bike won on the straight drag. To be fair, his bike was brand new and not dialed in yet, mine is. Red has some grunt, we'll see if he can get it tuned better. As far as what I previously read in mags about the 450x being heavy I'd agree by comparison. Also, the X uses the clutch for on/off switch. The start button is vulnerable to crashes. He dumped it on a hill and the gray button came off. It would still e-start without button.

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