What do you think about the WB carb kit ?


I start to rebuilt the top end of my XR650L ...

I want to put a 675cc wiseco (piston 10.25/1 + bore and hone), change the cam chain and check the valves ... And i think about the carb kit of white brother (Mikuni 41mm), it's a good update ?

I dont want a race cam ... Because a dont want to loose my auto decompressor and i dont want to change the rockers, springs, etc ...

In fact, what do you think about a stock engine with 10.25/1 675cc kit and mikuni 41mm carb only ?

Nobody ?

I have had a Kehien 41FCR for about a year now and love it! great throttle response! I am in the process of installing the piston & cam this week will keep updates coming.


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