XR650L high comp piston need decomp?

Hello all knowing engine gods.

Here is my question. I am building my XR650L up with the standard 10.25:1 comp piston.

We went to install the HotCam stage 2 (yes it says stage 2, I think it's a misprint, anyway) it does not have provisions for the auto decompression!

I know that some of you out there have done this. Have you noticed a strain on your starter? Is it hard to start? Would you do it again or go with a cam that allows for the auto decomp? Am I being lame?

So then I call the HotCam guys up and I get the "Uhhh I don't know, let me see if Jimmy knows.... Uhhhh he doesn't know either. Uhhhh I guess you shouldn't use it" So I wasn't very impressed with that.

So I thought oh well I will just get a White Bros. cam since it has that ability(auto decomp). Then I see that it is not in the catalog anymore and a phone call says it's not avail. After looking at the numbers more they have a very nice cam! Bummer.

Anyone have a solution. Should I cough up the big $$$ for the HRC? Is it any better than the others?



You will not need the decomp. My bike has 10000 miles on it since the rebuild and starts great.The Hotcams cam works great and it ups the RPMs to a whole new level.

That's great thanks!

Just to clarify you have the high compression piston?


Yes he does. We both run similar setups. Wiesco 10.25:1 piston and Hotcams stage 1. I run the Edelbrock, Mountain has a non-pumper flatslide.


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