Just got my 426 street legal- Valve adjustments?

heys guys-Just got a tag for my 426. I'm running Avon distanzias right now but once I sell a few things i'm going to get some SM rims for it...

now the question is-how often should i get the valves adjusted-(miles or hours? :) )

My manual is still on order and don't even know the service times so i've been changing the oil a lot and makin sure all the bolts keep tight. Anything else i should be doing?

no-one knows the valve adjustment interval?

how did you get it street legal ? Thanks

^got a title through springer insurance- got VIN verified by cop-filled out paperwork-went to courthouse and got plate

the title search is like 100$ though

Every 500km or fifth race. The manual can be found in bitmap format here on Thumpertalk.

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