Best boots?

undefinedLast year I came up short on a double and my ankle flexed all the way up and I broke it in two places. I had on SIDI flex force boots.$350.00. I sold my 03 tricked out love of my life 450 and quit riding. Last week i tried my buddies 05 450 out and I want to start riding again. Its in my blood. Anyone have the new Alpinestar tech 10 boots. Sidis have the ankle hinge that I dont like. are the tech 10s more supportive ??

I don't have them myself.....but everyone raves about the Gaerne sg-10 as being a wonderful boot. I think one of the top Mx magazines gave them a best rating also. I know my next boot is gonna be them. I think they go around $ 289 or so, but I've seen them new on ebay for about $ 260 just my 2 cents worth.....

I have a pair of the Gaerne SG-10 and will have another pair when I wear these out. Very comfortable right out of the box with very little break in needed. Great ankle support. I'm very happy with the these boots.

You want a boot MORE supportive than the Sidi's ? Good luck.

The SG-10 is right on par but that is about it.

ive read good things about the sg-10 and likewise with the new fox formas

I have the SG10's and they are the best boot I've ever owned.

You will not be disappointed!

i have tech 6's and love em. of course i've never tried any other boot.

I have only heard good things about Sidi, Gaerne and the Tech 10's. I bought some Tech 8's when TT had them on sale. I love them. You can get hurt wearing any boot if you hit wrong. Even if the boot held your ankle in place something else is going to give. The force of the impact is going to go somewhere. If you were happy with the Sidi go with those again if not try one of the other two. From what I have read they all seem to be great boots.

I broke my Tib and Fib 13 months ago, I was wearing Tech 8s. My wife bought me a pr of Tech 10s for my birthday. I've been riding since April in the Tech 10's. They are expensive but they are very comfortable out of the box and the support is better (to me) than the 8's. I haven't worn the SG10s or the newer SIDIs.

I have Alpinestar tech 6's and they absolutely suck! They are not comfortable at all and they squeak every time I take a step which drives me nuts. I will never buy alpinestars again

I bought a pair of Tech 6 and tried the 8's in the shop. The 6's were completely comfortable as compared to the 8's. My 6's are worn out now, and I am looking at getitng a new pair, and I think the SG10 will be my path...

Fox Fomillas Pro BEST BOOT EVER

Fox Fomillas Pro BEST BOOT EVER

I don't know about the Fomillas but my last boots were Forma Pro's. I chunked the right sole and Fox doesn't sell replacements. The inside padding of the heel area wore out from gripping the bike and started causing blisters. I liked the boots but they just didn't hold up.

I have run the tech 6 and the tech 8, both very comfortable but now I like my Oxtar tcx, very comfy and they seem/feel as though they are more protective, However, after break in they can be kinda(very) squeaky.

SG 10's. Best boots I've ever owned, just search SG10 in the general forums, there's about 500 posts that'll back it up.

I just got sidi's force srs, fairly comfortable i guess but i probably am not used to it yet over my old gaerne rx pro. I would have gone gaerne again but just didnt find a good deal in time for a ride.

If you want more support with just a boot than the SIDI boots good luck finding one.I have the SG-10s and cant say enough good things about them.I also use Allsport Dynamics carbon fiber ankle braces.There is enough room in the boots for them so I figured why not.Comming off a pair of Tech8s these boots are hands down better than the tech8s.

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