SDG seat - anybody tried it?

I am going to buy a Clarke tank and YZ style seat for my 98 WR. I see lots of posts about the SDG seat - has anybody tried it or have some pictures? I definately want something softer than the stock WR seat. I am 6'0" and 165lb, should I go with the tall YZ seats or the standard?

Thanks - Mathew


98 WR400F, YZ'd cam, YZ muffler

I've got an Acerbis tank due to arrive tomorrow. If you haven't locked into the Clark yet.......this might be a great option. It has some really trick features. I'll post some pictures this week. I'm going with a YZ seat that I got from 2-Dads.....I heard the SDG seat for the YZ wasn't due out for a month or so (though that doesn't same right to me). I looked at one of those seats after I had ordered mine - they are VERY well made.

Michael, How did you "look" at the SDG seat? I asked for some info on the seat via there web site. I have not recived any responce yet.

Sent SDG an e-mail last week for info on their seat. They confirmed that it will fit a 2001 Yamaha YZ426, and will be available sometime in April. Replied and asked them for a firmer date. Sounds like a good deal. I'm assuming that means it fit all 98-01 YZ and Wr 400's and 426's.

Originally posted by WR400Rock:

I'm assuming that means it fit all 98-01 YZ and Wr 400's and 426's.

I don't think the seat has ever changed on the Fs. I have a WR250 and a YZ426 and both the stock seats and tanks are interchangable.


Thanks for the confirmation. Hate making assumptions, you know the old saying. :)

If you are in the Santa Clara Valley - Zoom Cycle has one on their wall. Don't know what model it was for (and the guy helping wasn't sure) but they had one. I think it is nicer than the stock YZ I have!

I saw one at Bert's in Covina, CA about a month ago. It looked way nicer than stock and felt a lot lighter too.

The SDG Seat looks sweet from what I have seen (only pictures).

I have had a bunch of their mountain bike seats (Comp Ti) and now thats pretty much all I will run on the pedal pushers. They are very high quality and the kevlar covers are very tough.

My buddy was going to get one this week for his 426, if I get a chance to see it I'll post my opinion.

Mathew, I am your exact size, and I highly recommend tall foam.

I have seen the SDG seats, and talked to the SDG owner at the track. They are very high quality looking seats, well worth the money. They plan to make the YZF seats lighter, with presumably a lighter foam. Unfortunately for me, they won't be making a tall foam seat for quite some time.

SDG sent me a JPEG of the seat. I don't know how to attach it here. I you want to see it send me an email at or tell me how to post it.

SDG was also kind enough to e-mail me a picture. The seat comes in black only and is a gripper. Placed my order today, hope for an April delivery. Now I just need to make a final decision on a tank! :)

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