top 50 motocross riders of all time

this is a list of the top 50 motocross riders of all time done by TransworldMotocrosses july issue

1.Ricky Charmichael

2.Bob Hannah

3.Roger Decoster

4.Ricky johnson

5.Jeremy Mcgrath

6.Jean-Michael Bayle

7.Jeff Ward

8.Jeff Stanton

9.Joel Robert

10.David Bailey

11.Steffan Everts

12.Broc Glover

13.James Stewart (bubba)

14.Marty Smith

15.Damon Bradshaw

16.Johnny O' MArra

17.Heikki Mikkola

18.Mark Barnett

19.Mike Larocco

20.Ron Leichen

21.Eric Geboers

22.Brad Lackey

23.Kent Howerton

24.Doug Henry

25.David Thorpe

26.Jeff Emig

27.Chad Reed

28.Tony Distefano

29.Andre Melherbe

30.Hakan Carlqvist

31.Danny LAporte

32.Georges Jobe

33.Kevin Windham

34.Sylvain Geboers

35.Mike Keidrowski

36.Jimmy Wienert

37.Pierre Karsmakers

38.Greg Albertynn

39.Gaston Rahier

40.Marty Tripes

41.Torstenn Hallman

42.Steve Lamson

43.Travis Pastranna

44.Harry Everts

45.Rolf Tibblin

46.Gary Jones

47.Donny Schmit

48.Grant Langston

49.Gerrit Wolsink

50.Jacky Vimond

Which one's ride 150's or 230's....... :) .?.?.?.?.?

Cheers, :)

Its hard to believe that mc is back at no. 5, but then again all the guys above him on the list deserve it as well

MC used to be the best rider i think, Then he retired. He used to be my favorite rider, Actually still is. He was nice to people inlike most the riders now.

Kevin WIndahm at #33..... that's a joke K-Dub deserves a hell of alot better place than number thirty-three :)

Damn they have my guy in second...oh well... not everyone can be right all the time:-)

no 1 and 3 would have to be my favorites

Yes, this would be better in the General forum, but thanks for posting this here anyways. I am surprised that Stefan Everts is not a little higher up, but those World GP guys just don't get the same amount of recognition.

Glad to see that Brad Lackey made the list. He was overlooked alot during his racing career!

Yeh, id have to agree that Everts should be higher than 11

how does travis pastrana even make the list he tried racing and sucks at it :applause:

Travis was an amazing 125cc racer, his 250 career hasn't panned out.

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