What's the difference between Kenny Rogers and a Star XR650 Rider?

If you smash a camera guy in frustration, you have to apologize if you are a Major League Baseball player. No matter how much money you make, you have to humble yourself in front of millions and millions of fans. If you do something like that as an XR rider, you don't have to apologize to anyone. In fact, you can probably do it repeatedly. Almost makes the difference in pay acceptable, don't you think?

Consider, for example, the need for an XR guy to apologize for getting on the chatroom after having more than a few drinks.


P.S. I don't expect sanctioning from ThumperTalk execs. But keep your eyes open for a generic-type apology from me for posting while intoxicated! I'll do it if required. I'll make it sound good and robotic, just like Kenny Rogers.

P.P.S. I love you guys! :)

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